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Anglers will come across a wide variety of species while fishing Banderas Bay. A thorough knowledge of the various species found in a particular location will make a day of fishing more productive and enjoyable. Fish species vary greatly by region, as do the techniques needed to make a good catch, which is why understanding the appearance, habitat and behavior of a species is so important. The ability to identify fish species can also add interest to the fishing experience, as can any background knowledge on the fish you've caught or plan to catch.

Black Marlin
Blue Marlin
Yellowfin Tuna


Our comprehensive Puerto Vallarta gamefish database is a valuable resource for all saltwater anglers. In this section we cover saltwater fish found in the Bay of Banderas and the rich offshore and inshore fishing grounds of the Mexican Pacific. It is an easy saltwater species guide to help you identify and locate your target fish, advise you on succesful fishing methods and the fighting characteristics, and the proper tackle and baits used to catch them.

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Banderas Bay Billfish

In sportfishing circles, Billfish are the true kings of the open sea. They are not only among the fastest of all fishes, but also the most spectacular in the battles they wage against the latest in sophisticated boats and tackle, handled by the most experienced of anglers and crews. Moreover, four of our Billfish - Black Marlin, Blue Marlin Strip Marlin and Swordfish - also rank among the largest fish in the bay. Sailfish are lightweights by comparison, but are even more acrobatic than their larger cousins and are equally esteemed - if matched to suitable tackle.

Inner Banderas Bay Fish

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