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The Vallarta Fishing Guide provides everything you need to know about fishing in Puerto Vallarta and throughout the Banderas Bay region. It covers everything from the types of fish that can be caught, to the types of fishing that can be enjoyed, the best places to fish, area maps, and lots of information on fishing tours and trips.

As well as providing information on fishing in Banderas Bay, the team at The Vallarta Fishing Guide works closely with regional businesses to bring you the best local information on the areas where you're interested in fishing. Information such as where to stay if you're on a budget, activities for the kids, or where to get a great cold beer or a freshly made burger are all important when you're visiting or new to an area.

Whether you're local to the region and want to use The Vallarta Fishing Guide as a reference guide to all things fishing, or you're a tourist/visiting angler who wants information and assistance on finding the fishing adventure of a lifetime in Banderas Bay, The Vallarta Fishing Guide is your complete resource.

The information provided by this Web site is grouped into the following categories:

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Accommodation & Restaurant Directory