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Tide tables and tables solunar for anglers of Puerto Vallarta. Meet the prediction of high tides and low tides before heading out to fish, and other data for fishing as the moon phase, tidal coefficient, time of sunrise and sunset and moon, times of peak fish activity, weather conditions in Puerto Vallarta

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The moon influences the daily lives of people and animals alike thru its cycles. Some of the lunar influences are visible to us while others are not.The changes in the tides are not only visible but their rise and fall is measurable and driven by the gravitational force of the moon. The time that the moon exerts its greatest influence on any point on earth is based on the distance the moon is from earth and the angle of the moon above that specific location at that particular point in time.

A casual observer will note, and scientific evidence supports that animals are most influenced by the moon when it is directly overhead or directly underfoot (at the opposite side of the earth). These two direct positions are called "major" or "excellent" activity periods depending on the creator of the chart you are viewing. There are also two "minor" or "good" periods of activity affected by the moon. These are at the halfway points between the overhead and underfoot positions of the moon.

When the moon is closest to earth (referred to as "at pedigree") all other lunar influences are magnified for example the influence on the tides will be stronger when the moon is closer to earth. These phenomena also occur during high moon or the period of its highest declination.

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Tides are caused by changes in local gravity due to the positions of the moon and sun, primarily the moon.

The moon has 1/6th the gravitation pull of the earth and it is close enough to our planet to have major gravitational influences. In some ocean bays the tide can vary as much as 50 feet!

The sun has 2 million times the gravitational pull of the moon, but the sun is so far away that it exerts only about 1/3rd as much gravitational pull on our planet as the moon.

High tide occurs when the moon is directly overhead, and low tide occurs 6 hours and 12 minutes before and after high tide (when the moon is on either horizon). Ocean creatures have been timing their activities on gravity and the tides for millions of years.


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